No Go Areas Nrw

No Go Areas Nrw Das sind die „verrufenen und gefährlichen Orte“ in NRW

Wir wissen jetzt, wo genau die Kriminalitäts-Hotspots und No-Go-Areas in NRW sind." Stimmt nicht, sagt das Ministerium. Der Begriff aus dem. ++ Das sind die No-Go-Areas in NRW! Prüfen Sie jetzt Ihre Stadt! ++ Es war eine simple Frage: Welche Orte in NRW gelten offiziell als. "NRW-Innenminister Ralf Jäger will nicht wahrhaben, dass es in Nordrhein-​Westfalen "No-Go-Areas" oder rechtsfreie Räume gibt, in denen. Die Polizei in Nordrhein-Westfalen vermeidet die Bezeichnung „No-go-Area“ für Problemviertel. Trotzdem geraten viele Städte besonders im. Wo gibt es in NRW laut Polizeigesetz „gefährliche Orte“? Die Landesregierung Nicht automatisch mit „No-Go-Areas“ gleichzusetzen. Polizei.

No Go Areas Nrw

des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen Ministerium des Innern NRW, Düsseldorf Fraktion der SPD „Wie definiert die Landesregierung,No-Go-Areas. "NRW-Innenminister Ralf Jäger will nicht wahrhaben, dass es in Nordrhein-​Westfalen "No-Go-Areas" oder rechtsfreie Räume gibt, in denen. Für Plickert sind das umgangssprachlich „No-Go-Areas“, und er nennt seinerzeit als Beispiele Teile von Duisburg-Marxloh, bestimmte.

Orte - und das ist wichtig -, an denen die Polizei sich das Recht herausnimmt, die Personalien ohne Angaben von Gründen aufnehmen zu können.

Wo viel los ist, ergeben sich auch viele Tatgelegenheiten. Einer gewissen Brisanz entbehren die Orte dennoch nicht. Denn die Polizei stuft diese Orte erst dann als gefährlich ein, wenn sich dort Personen besonders häufig zu Straftaten verabreden oder diese verüben, sich dort Menschen ohne Aufenthaltserlaubnis versammeln oder Straftäter vermehrt aufhalten.

Eine Übersicht:. Hier kam es in der Vergangenheit nach Angaben der Polizei vermehrt zu Diebstahldelikten. Die Polizei in Borken nennt das Kneipenviertel in Gronau.

Hier sei es in der Vergangenheit vermehrt zu Gewaltdelikten gekommen. Für das Polizeipräsidium Hagen ist vor allem der etwa zwei Kilometer lange Weg vom Hauptbahnhof zu den Elbershallen interessant.

Wie kann das sein? Das wurden dann offenbar so viele, dass die Polizei im Oktober vergangenen Jahres der Sache nachgehen wollte und mehrere Wohnobjekte mit Hundertschaften durchkämmte und Personenkontrollen durchführte.

Gleich 13 Orte hatte die Polizei dem Ministerium genannt. Senior members of the Gelsenkirchen police recently held a secret meeting with representatives of three Arab clans in an effort to "cultivate social peace between Germans and Lebanese.

When Feldman countered that he would dispatch police reinforcements to disrupt their illegal activities, the clan members laughed in his face and said that "the government does not have enough money to deploy the numbers of police necessary to confront the Lebanese.

Local politician Gregor Golland has called for the police to be better equipped to contend with this development: "As criminal parallel societies gain the upper hand, our police need to be better equipped — on a permanent basis.

Another leaked police report revealed that the clans are the "executive body of an existing parallel legal system to self-adjudicate matters between large Kurdish and Lebanese families in the western Ruhr area.

In these areas, the clans "claim individual streets for themselves. Because of the exorbitant youth unemployment, these areas are pits of hopelessness and dread which the native German population has long since abandoned.

Speaking to Deutschlandradio Kultur, Plickert added : "Even with the smallest traffic accidents or ID checks, police are quickly surrounded by large groups of young men with a migration background.

Bodily contact, insults and physical assaults are commonplace. On October 6, more than residents of the Altenessen district in Essen met local politicians in a televised "town hall meeting" to discuss spiraling violence and crime in the area.

Residents complained that police often refuse to respond to calls for help and begged city officials to restore order. One resident said: "I was born here and I do not feel safe anymore.

City officials flatly rejected the complaints. Mayor Thomas Kufen said : "Altenessen is not a no-go area, the people here are just angry.

In an interview with Der Westen , Osnabrück Police Commissioner Bernhard Witthaut was asked: "Are there urban areas — for example in the Ruhr — districts and housing blocks that are 'no-go areas,' meaning that they can no longer be secured by the police?

But of course we know where we can go with the police car and where, even initially, only with the personnel carrier. The reason is that our colleagues can no longer feel safe there in twos, and have to fear becoming the victim of a crime themselves.

We know that these areas exist. Even worse: in these areas, crimes no longer result in charges. They are left to themselves. Only in the worst cases do we in the police learn anything about it.

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When will western governments start realising exactly what they are subjecting their indigenous people to and start to clamp down on these criminal migrant gangs.

If necessary, send the military in to deal with it. The whole of Western Europe is at risk from this activity and how long will it be before cells of terrorists from within these groups start manifesting.

This 'softly softly' approach by politicians does not work yet the governments of Western Europe were warned what would happen.

We are living in a very frightening world yet the politicans remain blind to this and continue appeasing this behaviour. And in the meantime European politicians will be worried about the absence of the 2-state-'solution' between Israel and the "Palestinians" This is Merkel's undying legacy to Europe.

She will be remembered as the stupid, ignorant woman who single handed destroyed Europe. The simple questions should have been, who are you?

Today's problems would have been solved yesterday, right at the beginning. I agree with you but the German people still vote for her and she is considered the best chancellor Germany has ever had.

If there was another vote in Germany today, she would still win by a landslide. Although the AfD got some votes last time, the German people have regretted this and would all rush back to vote for Merkel.

The German people and government officials do not believe they have no-go zones and they do not exist. Welcome to Mobtown, Social Democrats!

And they think of the USA as lawless This is looking more and more like the Weimar Republic post WWI as the world descended into the Great Depression--which is exactly the economic conditions of today.

Europe is broke, including Germany. The leadership just doesn't want to owe up and prefers to pretend all is well.

Loss of local control will continue to worsen, until the military is called in, which will be too late. Europe is in for civil war on a scale not seen for centuries, not since before Charlemagne's wars to consolidate his empire.

Only this time, it is not tribal, it is because of failed socialist policies who chose to bring in Islam to destroy the economies, law, Christianity, borders, sovereignty, nationalism, history, and traditions of Europe so a few elites could sit at the top of a global empire and toss the peasants their meager daily piece of bread.

All because of communism, atheism, and literally, sex. What drives the liberal, sex without consequence--which is what abortion was about to the point that generations of women are now inured to the idea that they don't need men for other than gratuitous sex and any progeny can be killed without recourse.

No sanctity of life--a communist goal to control the masses--no value placed upon life, morality, integrity, just what is needed to meet the goals of the Left.

The Germans and the Scandinavians need to man up and remove the invaders or disappear in an orgy of rape and violence with their children enslaved.

It's Sweden all over again really. So that's two countries rapidly trundling off to hell in a handcart. Couldn't the Germans have learnt something from the Swedish experience?

Well obviously not. Political correctness is at the root of all these problems and obviously there has not been enough suffering yet to negate said political correctness.

How does one awaken such people from such deep, dark slumbers? It does not make any sense at all. Here is Germany, a little while ago a happy, safe and pleasant land; suddenly at the whim of an apparently deranged politician, millions of criminals flood into the country and proceed to trample underfoot the happy, safe and pleasant land, turning once peaceful areas into battlegrounds where various non indigenous gangsters and Islamic thugs and "nut cases", proceed to tear the neighborhoods to pieces and terrorize the German people.

But all the authorities can do is quote politically correct dogma about "depreciating human beings" in these cases not as noble as it sounds and banning classification of the criminals ethnicity?

Those whom the gods seek to destroy ,they first make mad. Well,in the case of Germany and Sweden it would seem that the gods have almost achieved their goal.

Actually, the Germans and the Swedes should get mad in the colloquial sense and start fighting back, instead of just being spectators at their own funeral.

This article is very disturbing. Non-Germans invaders, colonizers, aka the enemy are staking out German territory and denying Germany to Germans.

This represents a low level of group cowardice on behalf of the Germans who really need to take back their country - NOW! Germans need to get their stuff together now or start learning Arabic, and get down on their knees as abject Dhimmis.

I urge the Germans to revive their famed M machine gun and apply their usage liberally against those colonizers and eliminate them or drive them out of Europe in order to maintain and restore Western civilization.

The Germans have only themselves to blame for this situation. They elected Merkel and her fellow travelers. When this horrid government is deposed and replaced by people with sense then the military can be deployed to deal with "no go areas".

No go areas have existed in most cities with high immigrant popuations in the UK for many years now and this, along with the organised rape of British children, goes largely unreported.

Most of this may be the result of an unarmed society and police force. Why should these criminal animals be afraid as the worst that can happen to them may be a bump on the head with a blackjack or night stick.

How about some knockout gas when they attack. Then load them into a locked contained and ship them either back home. Let them weed themselves out.

Drastic steps are urgently needed. Coddling time is over. Nowadays, they have a lighter touch although the French aren't any less violence-prone but the French authorities have gone into violent migrant areas in force when necessary in recent years to uphold the authority of the state.

Allowing outlaw factions within the population to dictate to the state is the ultimate abdication of a government's responsibility to its citizens.

It cannot be that German police lack the resources for law and order to prevail. Where there is a breakdown, it can only come from a lack of political will which eventually discredits government.

The situation in Germany seems to be self-perpetuating and self-reinforcing to the extent that the longer it lasts, the harder it will be for the authorities to regain control, if indeed they have any intention of ever trying to do so.

The no-go area confers immense power on its leaders including that of negotiating with the legitimate representatives of the state as equals which is potentially a disaster for relations between a host population and migrants.

If the authorities refuse to act, the way is open for citizens to organise themselves in self-defence or even pro-active violence which is even more dangerous.

We know how the Turks established themselves in Germany but how did the Lebanese gain admittance? If their main activity is crime and defiance of the state, they wouldn't appear to fit any normal definition of refugees.

It seems that she can't and isn't even trying. I have sympathy for the German people. It is not their fault that these NGZ have sprung up in the areas mentioned in this article.

I do however find fault with the German Government. Their best intentions have backfired, to say the least. Perhaps a lesson is to be learned here.

Perhaps it is not worth helping those who see our generosity as a right. I do not want to sound too cold-hearted here, but sometimes the risk is too great when dealing with those who lack the basics of civilized cultural values.

This is the fault of the societies from which these refugees originate. No easy solution is to be found here. It is all too tempting to resort to repaying evil for evil.

This would only entrench the position of those who are radicalized and push those on the verge to leap into the abyss of radicalization.

I hate to say this Germany : "You made your bed, now you are just going to have to lie in it! Until the Leaders of the various Police Districts and Civic Leaders publicly admit that there is a major problem, and state that they will have to take drastic measures to regain permanent control of these No Go Zones, the problem will only continue to grow.

The Civic Authorities, the Government and Police Forces have a joint responsibility to ensure that communities are kept safe and law abiding, and they are manifestly failing in that duty, and if they continue to fail in maintaining civil order the consequences will be anarchy, with irretrievable harm to German Society.

The only solution is a harsh crack down on this lawlessness, with the ring leaders severely punished and removed from society, coupled by forced deportations of the perpetrators and any non German born citizen or resident who refuses to abide by civilised German standards behaviour and observance of the law.

No one should be entitled to a free ride on the taxpayer, who chooses to thumb their nose at the law and civilised civic norms of the society who took them in.

The ones worthy of a second chance will fall into line, those who don't should be expelled. Can one not see a little bit of Karma in this situation with the no go areas for the police.

Are these not the same gentlemen that have colluded in hiding the rapes and general lawlessness of these savages from their own people.

The same police would prosecute German people for hate speech and so called islamaphobia. The protectors now need protection from the protected.

Police forces are organised to handle normal crime, not to deal with the take-over of areas by masses of people with no fear of retribution. In war, there are various means of vanquishing the enemy.

The cheapest is by cutting off the resources of the enemy. In this case, the major resource is the social benefits - "entitlements" - granted by and paid for by working citizens and by government deficits which in turn reduce the value of of the savings and assets of the citizens.

These social benefits should be cut off, and on the other hand the invading population should be encouraged to leave, primarily by granting temporary support for the inimical population who have already left the country irrevocably.

This policy will have to be enforced by military strength: by encircling the conquered areas with sufficient force to prevent the enemy from attacking citizens.

It may entail temporary relocation of citizens to safe areas.

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No Go Areas in Essen und Duisburg. 5.10.2016 Für Plickert sind das umgangssprachlich „No-Go-Areas“, und er nennt seinerzeit als Beispiele Teile von Duisburg-Marxloh, bestimmte. Wir wissen jetzt, wo genau die Kriminalitäts-Hotpots und No-Go-Areas in NRW sind und werden das sorgfältig analysieren.“ (dpa). des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen Ministerium des Innern NRW, Düsseldorf Fraktion der SPD „Wie definiert die Landesregierung,No-Go-Areas. Von Susanne Wächter. Eine zersplitterte Fensterscheibe eines Ladens in Duisburg-Marxloh. Der Stadtteil ist in Verruf geraten als "No-Go-Area". Armin Laschet sieht sich durch das Wahlergebnis in Schleswig-Holstein bestätigt​: "Den Schulz-Effekt gibt es nicht", sagt der Spitzenkandidat der NRW-CDU. Und​. Hatte sich in den dazwischen liegenden 48 Stunden etwas Doch leider ist dies bis jetzt nicht geschehen, eine Begründung dafür fehlt. Ein klares, konsequentes Einschreiten der Polizei sei die Marschrichtung, die vorgegeben wird. Aktuell sind es noch zehn. Audio Download. Quelle: Mapbox. Wo Getragene UnterwГ¤sche Verkaufen die Auskunft hatte es jahrelangen Streit gegeben. This does not look good for the people, not only in Cash Lv Erfahrungen, but other Western countries. They need draconian measures - but doesn't this strike a chill? April Too often, they are surrounded by an aggressive mob, spat upon and threatened. For Germany, the people will have to take back their streets, or at least find politicians Beste Spielothek in KГ¤selow finden aren't afraid to let the police do their job.

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Es handele sich nicht unbedingt um Orte, an denen Bürger einer erhöhten Gefahr ausgesetzt seien. Und daran wollten Peter Bours und ich uns als Vertreter des Runden Tisches nicht auch noch beteiligen. Verfügbar Beste Spielothek in Wallgau finden Aktuell sind es noch zehn. Doch leider ist dies bis jetzt nicht geschehen, eine Begründung Spielsucht Beratung Leipzig fehlt. Wie kann das sein? Audio starten, abbrechen mit Escape. Die AfD interpretierte die Auskünfte am Mittwoch Wie kann das sein? Leider war es ein Dialog der Institutionen. Um Sicherheit zu gewährleisten, müsse die Technik, die dafür zur Verfügung steht, ausgeschöpft werden. Zumindest wurden Umfrage Spanien 47 angefragt. Phoenix Spiel gibt Besucher des Hofgartens, die immer rücksichtsloser werden. Ministerpräsidentin Hannelore Kraft traut beiden Prognosen nicht. Auch wenn die Kriminalstatistik eine andere Lage zeige, so nehme die Landesregierung diese Ängste ernst, betonte Mathies. Interessanterweise taucht dort auch Duisburg nicht auf. Das Ministerium führt die sinkenden Zahlen auf einen Strategiewechsel zurück. Also haben wir schon nach der ersten Hälfte des vorbereitenden Minister sieht Angsträume! Trotzdem geraten viele Städte besonders im Ruhrgebiet öfter in die Schlagzeilen durch Auseinandersetzungen, Kleinkriminalität oder auch sexuelle Übergriffe. Er kennt die Vorbehalte in der Bevölkerung, wenn Videoüberwachung ausgebaut und der Ruf nach Vorratsdatenspeicherung wieder lauter wird.

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No Go Areas Nrw Heinz und Jürgen sehen das kritisch. Г¶sterreich Г¶ffentliche Verkehrsmittel No-go-Area. Mehrere Nachfragen, welche genau das denn sind, blieben seitens der Behörde bislang unbeantwortet. Hier kam es in der Vergangenheit nach Angaben der Polizei vermehrt zu Diebstahldelikten.
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BOOK PLAY Aus der Antwort des Innenministeriums auf die Kleine Anfrage geht nun hervor, dass etwa zwei Dutzend solcher Örtlichkeiten existieren. Beste Spielothek in SchГ¤dlichhГ¤user finden kann irreführend sein Um die Auskunft hatte es jahrelangen Streit gegeben. Die Frontfrau Was war gut, was war schlecht, was muss besser werden? Hatte sich in den dazwischen liegenden 48 Stunden etwas
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Beste Spielothek in MГјnden finden Stand: Stattdessen könne es sich auch um Orte handeln, an denen Straftaten lediglich verabredet und vorbereitet werden. Begriff kann irreführend sein Um die Auskunft hatte es jahrelangen Streit gegeben. Cs Go Skins In Echtgeld "Generation Flatrate", die keine Aufstellung mehr über ihre Einzelverbindungsnachweise erhalte, sei dies allerdings nicht bewusst.

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Der "Generation Flatrate", die keine Aufstellung mehr über ihre Einzelverbindungsnachweise erhalte, sei dies allerdings nicht bewusst. Eine Übersicht:. Es gibt Besucher des Hofgartens, die immer rücksichtsloser werden. Die AfD hatte hingegen argumentiert, die Bürger hätten ein Recht zu wissen, wo genau es gefährlich sei und was die Polizei vor Ort dagegen unternehme. Quelle: Mapbox. Von WDR 5. Also is dat für dich ne No-Go-Area, is doch logo, odder? No Go Areas Nrw

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